This week's meeting, we had Barry Kroll, Past District Governor as our speaker to talk about our website. 
Last week President Lauren Hansch introduced Barry Kroll, Past District Governor (PDG), as our guest speaker. ClubRunner has a free mobile app that is available for your Apple or android phone. It gives you all the information of everyone in the district. After you login, you can look-up someone in the district and send them an email or test message. You can also access club stories and club events listed on the club website. Barry is from the Madison club. On average, they are picking up 4 to 5 members a year based on their website. They pay $10 a month to advertise with Google so that when you search Rotary and New Jersey, Madison comes up first. They do refer people to another club if they are not close to Madison. 85% of all people who join Rotary have an electronic connection to Rotary before they make their joining decision. The Madison club polled their members and asked, “Why did you join Rotary?” and the overwhelming answer was that they wanted to give back to the community. Their website has a picture of someonewith the words, “I joined Madison Rotary to give back to the community.” ClubRunner is ‘website for dummies’; it is a ‘fill in the blank’ system. You can list all the club events. Stories need to be typed or copied in. Future guest speakers are can be listed. There are photo albums of past events. You can also attach videos. The Madison club newsletter is available in electronic form on their website and they are sending it to about 500 people a week. They send it to everyone who should be a Rotarian but is not. They went to the Chamber of Commerce and got their board list. They went to all the churches and got their board list. They got all the business owners in Madison on their list. Eventually they assign members to talk to the people who receive their newsletter. Public information on the club website is available to everyone and confidential information is only available after a member logs in. To login, click on “Member Login” and enter your login name and password. If you forgot your information, you can click on “Forgot login name” or “Forgot login password” and ClubRunner will email your information. Madison sells website ads at $100 each. If someone clicks on an ad, it sends them to a company’s website. Rotarians are using Amazon Smile to give 0.5% of your purchase back to The Rotary Foundation. Rotary has struck a deal with Amazon. Using Rotary Global Rewards up to 6% of your Amazon purchase goes back to The Rotary Foundation. Rotary made $1.6 million in contributions to The Rotary Foundation last year from Amazon. Save up to 25% off car rentals, 10% off at Marriott, 5% off at Home Depot… Google “Rotary Global Rewards” and download the free app to your phone.