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2022-2023 Corporate Sponsorship

Most of us want to help the community in some small way

A corporate partnership with Hanover Rotary Club means great things for our local communities. But it also means fantastic opportunities for your business, your brand and achieving your corporate social responsibility goals. And, of course, being a part of a Rotary project or event is simply great fun!

There are many ways that your company can play a role in building better communities as a Hanover Rotary Club sponsor:
  • Event co-branding
  • Project sponsorship
  • Specific project funding
  • Financial contributions

Our partners include large and small companies in the area, and we are very grateful for every bit of support we receive. By partnering with The Whippany Rotary you can capitalize on:

  • Alignment with a recognized and respected brand
  • Exposure to our members and associates
  • Your business’ promotion at our events and on our website
  • Your organization’s good corporate citizenship
  • A unique partnership that gives you a long-term promotional platform to build brand equity
              We hope you will join us in receiving your Rotary Sponsorship for 2023